• Campanie de informare 15.09.2011

    Prietenul tau poate fi un "Loverboy"!

    Bucuresti, 15 septembrie: ANITP lanseaza campania de informare si constientizare "Prietenul tau poate fi un Loverboy!". Detalii

  • Comunicat de presă 20.05.2011

    "Deschide ochii"!-Campanie nationala de prevenire a traficului de persoane

    Agentia Nationala mpotriva Traficului de Persoane si Centrul Ratiu pentru Democratie au lansat, vineri 20 mai 2011, in Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca, campania nationala de prevenire a traficului de persoane, intitulata "Deschide ochii", printr-un eveniment public, primul organizat n Romnia in cadrul proiectului european "Open Your Eyes". Detalii

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Useful tips
in order to avoid a traffic situation

  • Have you been made a proposal?
    Do not be naive, check in detail any offer received.
  • Have you decided to leave?
    Leave as much information as possible to your family.
  • Have you been provided support for departure?
    Do not give anyone your identity document.
  • Are you already in danger?
    Ask the help of any person you come in contact with.
  • How can you recognize a victim of human trafficking?
    Do not ignore other people's problems.

What is trafficking in persons?

Trafficking in persons is a violation of human rights and undermining human dignity and integrity, being a threat to individual security and to social and moral values.
This type of crime directly affects the individual by the impact it has on one of the fundamental individual rights, that is freedom. As a result the society as a whole is negatively affected by corruption, violent acts and by the development of criminal groups and mechanisms obtaining substantial profits from this type of activity. All these aspects represent a threat to economic stability and regional security.
Although it is on the international agenda since 2000, trafficking in persons, as a social phenomenon and crime, remains a reality that requires a substantial and continuous effort by the international public bodies, but also by the entire society.
Increased demand for sexual services, cheap labor, the desire for profit with minimum investment, are all premises for increased network traffic activity.
Acting against trafficking in persons involves several aspects: as illegal economic activity, trafficking in persons is one of the main financial resources of organized crime; as a major infringement of fundamental human rights is an offense against human dignity that Romania cannot overlook; as illegal border activity, it is an element that threatens security and an important field of cooperation within the EU and in partnership with states, regions and international organizations.
Thus, decision makers in the European Union have launched an appeal to the international community, including the institutions at regional and national level, non-governmental organizations, international and other civil society organizations and to the EU institutions and agencies, so as to counter the challenges posed by the transnational crime and to provide a clear and comprehensive response through multi-disciplinary policies, coherent and coordinated approach involving all actors concerned from the countries of origin, transit and destination. Such an explicit response must be consistent with human rights standards, while paying particular attention to trafficking in women and children in accordance with the international instruments.