Project Presentation

Based on the Framework Agreement between the Romanian Government and the Swiss Federal Council on the implementation of the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program for Reducing Economic and Social Disparities within the enlarged European Union, the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons implements the project (P)revention, (I)identification, (P)rotection for a period of 32 months, starting with April 2012 and with a deadline of November 2014.
The total value of the project is CHF 531,745, with a contribution from the Swiss side of CHF 451,983 (representing 85% of the total value) and co-financed by ANITP with CHF 79,761 (representing 15% of the total budget).


The general objective of the project is to contribute to the decrease of human trafficking in Romania.


Specific objectives:

  • Strengthening the intervention capacity of Romanian government actors (ANITP representatives, police officers, prosecutors, judges) involved in the prevention, identification, repatriation and reintegration of victims of trafficking in human beings;
  • Targeting potential victims of human trafficking in Romania, through public prevention campaigns focusing on the most vulnerable groups;
  • Development of activities in the field of prevention of trafficking in human beings by strengthening the local capacity to identify and absorb non-reimbursable external funds (FEN) and mobilize resources;
  • Elaboration of some recommendations for the National Action Plan PNA 2014-2016.


  • Increased institutional capacity of ANITP in managing its tasks in relation to local and international partners;
  • Raising awareness among potential victims of human trafficking in Romania regarding the risks of being exploited and trafficked;
  • Cooperation and increased local capacity to develop future activities;
  • Recommendations for improving victim support services in Romania.


Documents and materials Developed within the PIP project

30-second video spot for TV broadcast



Working visit organized in Switzerland, in the cities of Zurich and Bern. Period: 14-15.11.2012

Working visit to ROMANIA. Period: 05-06.02.2013

Workshop on methods of identification, reintegration and protection of victims of human trafficking, organized by ANITP, in Zurich. Period: 22-23.05.2013

Workshop on human trafficking prevention activities organized by ANITP, in Bucharest. Period: 09-10.09.2013

Workshop at ANITP headquarters on methods for identifying, reintegrating and protecting victims of human trafficking. Period: 27-28.02.2014

Conference for the launch of the National Campaign on the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation. 06/11/2014

National Conference for facilitating the exchange of experience and closing the project Prevention, Identification, Protection. 16-17.10.2014