Project PDP2

Project “PDP2 – Strengthening national capacity in the field of international police cooperation and combating crime”


The project is funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, Internal Affairs – International Police Cooperation and Crime Fighting Program and will be implemented over a period of 48 months, with the aim of strengthening police cooperation between Norway and Romania, while strengthening national capacities in the fight against itinerant crime, trafficking in human beings and economic crimes and the identification of individuals.


The total budget of the project is 8,941,177 Euros, of which ANITP has 40,000 Euros for the implementation of the activities.


The project partners are:

  • General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR)
  • National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS)
  • University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Oslo Police District
  • Southwest Police District
  • National Authority for Investigations and Criminalization of Economic and Environmental Crimes (ØKOKRIM)
  • National Agency Against Trafficking in Human Beings (ANITP)


The project addresses three main components, related to the program areas:

A1. Strengthen police cooperation between Norway and Romania and national capacities in combating trafficking in human beings and itinerant crime.

A2. Combating money laundering and economic crime at the national level.

A3. Improving the effectiveness of the police system and its performance in the field of identification and exchange of fingerprint data.


Thus, within the first component, ANITP as a partner of the project will implement, starting with 2021, a prevention campaign in the field of human trafficking, which will take place online and targets Romanian citizens at risk of being victims of trafficking in human beings, with the aim of informing and educating them about the risks they face if they accept the offers that could put them in a position to be trafficked.