Project ProActiv

The project „ProActiv: Detection and notification of cases of human trafficking in the community”


It was submitted for funding in 2020, by the eLiberation Association, under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, in order to increase awareness and awareness of the phenomenon of human trafficking among citizens, as well as the ability to detect and report trafficking cases and proactive identification among key authorities and actors in the community.


The project aims to carry out the following activities, between February 2021 – September 2022:

– project management;

– information and communication;

– conducting a study to assess citizens’ perceptions of victims of trafficking in human beings and that of community actors involved in identifying and reporting cases of trafficking in human beings;

– national information and awareness campaign on human trafficking;

– information and assistance center for the detection and notification of cases of victims of trafficking in human beings;

– organizing 5 training sessions on the effects of trauma in working with victims of abuse and victims of human trafficking for police officers;

– organizing a training session on procedural perspectives focused on victims of trafficking for magistrates and prosecutors;

– organization of 5 training sessions in detection and notification of trafficking cases for social workers;

– organizing 3 training sessions in detecting and notifying trafficking cases for medical staff;

– conducting an advocacy campaign for the introduction of a new Identification and Referral Mechanism, including proactive identification;

– monitoring the operation of the identification and referral system;

– training session for team members in Advocacy Techniques;

– training session in external communication;

– evaluation and monitoring.


ANITP, as a partner, without financial implications, will contribute starting with 2021 to information and communication activities, by getting involved in promoting the information and awareness campaign among citizens on the phenomenon of human trafficking and on the effects of stigmatizing victims of human trafficking. It will also take over the communication messages and will support the promoter in promoting the messages in all online communication media, press, etc.

ANITP will participate by appointing representatives to the training sessions, for police officers, for magistrates and prosecutors, for social workers and for medical staff.