Project WESTEROS 2

The WESTEROS 2 project – Further strengthen the fight against trafficking in human beings, focusing on the prevention, cooperation and recovery of criminal products ”


It was submitted within the call for projects Joint Action against Trafficking in Human Beings addressing the Culture of Impunity – ISFP – 2019 – AG – THB, being funded by the European Commission.


The applicant in this project is the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, and the partners are:

Ø ANABI – National Agency for the administration of unavailable goods; Ø Belgian Federal Police;


Ø ANITP – National Agency Against Trafficking in Human Beings.


The project aims to facilitate and strengthen the exchange of knowledge at strategic, operational and policy levels between partners, following the latest trends in human trafficking. The project aims to achieve the following objectives / priorities:


  • Prevention initiatives aimed in particular at combating the impunity of all actors involved in the trafficking chain: traffickers, exploiters, profit makers, users and abusers;
  • Disrupting the financial business model of traffic, pursuing money and disengaging the traffic chain.


ANITP carries out, as a partner, within the above mentioned project, an awareness campaign focused on 2 components – online and external, as follows:

  • 1.The online component involves the development of a campaign through various social networks (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) that aims to discourage the demand that favors trafficking in human beings by promoting information-preventive materials developed for this purpose (video, images and suggestive messages);
  • 2.The external component will contain the development and dissemination of campaign materials (leaflets, backpacks, etc.) and will address the target groups in the physical environment..


  • Thus, ANITP will support and implement the information campaign, with a total budget of 74,900 Euros, as follows:
  • Ø EU financing 90% – 67,410 Euro without VAT;
  • Ø co-financing from the state budget 10% – 7,490 Euro without VAT
  • Ø ineligible expenses (VAT) – 14,231 Euro.


Press release – Launching the campaign to prevent human trafficking


Informative film – moderated by Dorian Popa

Video by vlogger Zaiafet


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