Project SISPOL2





The General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR) signed on 25.11.2017 the non-refundable financing contract related to the project ROFSIP2016OS6A15P01 SISPOL 2”, which takes place at national level, for a period of 53 months.


The project is funded by the Internal Security Fund – Police Cooperation Component, with the general objective of ensuring the security, performance and availability of the Romanian Police information system in order to increase data storage and transmission capacity, while ensuring the availability of information management systems.


Thus, the project aims to provide the IT&C support necessary to streamline the operational workflows of the Romanian Police.


The project partner is ANITP, which aims to reconfigure the integrated monitoring and evidence system for victims of human trafficking.


The project activities are:

  • ensuring the mobility of the operative teams in the activity of collecting data and information;
  • providing communication services;
  • modernization of the SISPOL infrastructure, consolidation of the DataCenter and extension of the SIENA secure network;
  • equipment distribution (71 workstations, database licenses, SPSS licenses);
  • ensuring the mobility of technical teams designated for complex interventions in accessible gray areas;
  • providing adaptive maintenance services for SNRI-SEIMD systems;
  • financial audit.


Project results:

Pol Ro – R1: SIENA network extended in the 42 territorial units of the Romanian Police;

Pol Ro – R2: IT&C infrastructure related to the SISPOL integrated information system, modernized;

Pol Ro – R3: adaptive maintenance of the integrated SNRI-SEIMD system ensured throughout the project implementation;

ANITP – R4: SIMEV2 functional and updated;

ANITP – R5: improved operational capacity by reducing by 40% the time required for statistical reporting to national and transnational institutions.



Background information:

The project is financed by the Internal Security Fund, Police Cooperation Component, having a total value of 33,445,015.70 lei (excluding VAT), of which:

– 75% – 25,0838,761.78 lei (excluding VAT) – non-reimbursable external financing from the Internal Security Fund;

– 25% – 8,361,253.93 (excluding VAT) – national co-financing.