Brief description of the project

The National Agency against Trafficking in Persons implemented TRACE project (Trafficking as a Criminal Enterprise), funded by a consortium of organizations, institutions and universities in England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Sweden and Bulgaria, funded by European Commission through Pillar 7 of Scientific Research.

The main objective of this project is to support the authorities and organizations involved in the fight against this phenomenon at European level, by evaluating, deepening and consolidating the information on the perpetrators of these facts and the whole mechanism of this trafficking business. TRACE will address legal, criminological, socio-economic, psychological and police issues in order to provide an overview of the mechanisms underlying the perpetuation of trafficking. Particular emphasis will be placed on the activity of the perpetrators of this crime in order to understand the structure, social relations, modus operandi, traffic and transport routes used and the use of new technologies in various forms of exploitation (sexual, labor, begging or pornography).

All project activities, along with its results, can be viewed at the following address


Project news.

  1. In July this year, activity 3.1 of the project was completed, which materialized in the elaboration of the “Report on the traits, motivation and social interactions of traffickers”. The activity involved a complex documentation of human trafficking cases resolved with final convictions in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, Cyprus and Bulgaria, interviewing a significant number of criminals convicted of human trafficking (only in Romania were applied over 60 questionnaires and interviews with traffickers) but also the interviewing of many source persons from the partner states. The results of this comprehensive research approach are available here


  1. On September 29, 2015, a working group “The role of technologies for human trafficking”will take place in Tilburg the Netherlands, under the auspices of the project , focusing on the following aspects
  • How technology is used in committing and facilitating the crime of human trafficking
  • How can technology be used to prevent and combat human trafficking
  • Future trends in the role of technologies in facilitating, preventing and combating human trafficking
  • Who are the traffickers?

More details about the event can be found here