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“Preventing Trafficking in Persons: The Role of Public Procurement”



 Data collection on trafficking 2018 in human beings in the EU








 EU anti-trafficking action 2017-2019: At a glance







2019 11 15 UNGA 3C Resolution on THB




 Video summary of High Level Event “Leaving no one behind: breaking the silence on trafficking for sexual exploitation” – 5/12/2020





Analysing the Business Model of Trafficking in Human Beings to Better Prevent the Crime   

Following the Money: Compendium of Resources and Step-by-step Guide to Financial Investigations Into Trafficking in Human Beings






Leveraging Anti-Money Laundering Regimes to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings








Policy and legislative recommendations towards the effective implementation of the non-punishment provision with regard to victims of trafficking







ICAT issue brief on non-punishment of victims of trafficking




Practical Handbook on How to Conduct Simulation-based Training Exercises to Combat Human Trafficking




                Biroul Reprezentantului Special al OSCE și Coordonator pentru combaterea traficului de persoane a prezentat o serie de publicații în domeniul prevenirii traficului de persoane în cadrul lanțurilor de aprovizionare. Acestea pot fi studiate prin accesarea link-ului   








Combating trafficking in human beings (THB)







Establishing National Focal Points to Protect Child Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings







Highlights of the 20th Conference of the Alliance against Trafficking in Persons






Discouraging the demand that fosters trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation – OSCE